101 Theme Party Ideas (3)


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90. I Want To Be a Supermodel: Throw a fashion inspired party, with supermodels as your inspiration. Make sure to play George Michael’s “Freedom” on repeat throughout the event.

91. Decorate the Christmas Tree: Decorating the Christmas tree is more fun with friends. Have everyone bring an ornament to add to the tree and serve welcoming holiday drinks like eggnog and mulled cider.

92. Anchors Away: You might not own a yacht, but you can certainly party like you do. Think royal blue and white decor and plenty of anchors as the theme of your decor.

93. Roaring 1930s Gangster Party: Have your guests dress up as gangsters and supply Prohibition-style cocktails.

94. Backyard Beer Bash: Beer connoisseurs will appreciate a party dedicated to all things beer (you can even work beer as an ingredient into your menu).

95. Ascots, Cardigans, and Bow Ties: Ask each of your guests to wear one of these items, which will make for great photos, and set the tone for the decor.

96. Scotch and Chocolate: Pour your favorite scotch, and have a range of your favorite chocolates on hand for this dream of a party.

97. English Pub: Get inspired by the grub served at an English pub. Think fish and chips and a proper beer.

98. Retro Bowling Party: Because sometimes a night of bowling is all it takes to have a great party.

99. Doughnuts and Milk: Planning a low-key afternoon affair? Doughnuts and milk are the way to go.

100. What Would Coco Chanel Do: Get inspired by the late and great Coco Chanel when planning next your party. We think a party planned by Chanel would involve plenty of camellias and black and white decor.

101. See Red: Nothing is quite as romantic as throwing a party that is entirely red. Red decor, red flowers, red velvet cake—you get the idea.

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