Exclusive handball school Croatia

Handball camp Croatia 2020  

HESC 2.0 in Biograd

For the 2nd time in succession, HESC 2.0 handball school will take place in Biograd.
For the age groups 6-9 year olds, 9-12 year olds, 12-15 year olds and 15-18 year olds, an exclusive 7-day handball camp is organized.

On different dates, including 13. 06. - 04. 07. 2020 and in collaboration with Eklata Travel Agency, the leading travel agency for children and youth programs in Croatia.

The idea of ​​the handball camp is to connect the natural beauty of the Croatian coast and handball training that is prepared and carried out by professional coaches at the top level of Europe.


Biograd is mainly chosen as the location because it is close to Zadar Airport (20 km) and Split Airport (100 km) and is a top sports location, with all the facilities needed for training and workshops for the participating players and coaches.

AND Biograd is chosen:
Because it is located on the most beautiful coast in the world.
Because it has the largest and newest Funpark (website is Croatian) in Croatia.
Because there are 3 national parks (m.n.. Nature Kornati) and 3 nature parks nearby.
Because the city has everything needed to have fun, enjoy, relax and offers opportunities for going out and health.
Because it is easy destination to be reached by car and plane.

The participants are accommodated in Hotel Adria, which has a covered and lit field, 2 swimming pools, a handball room next to the hotel and is located near the beach. Just super.

Training program is based on the principles of advanced handball education and you can choose one of the programs that is offered, depending on the handball level of your team.

More information: info@bullzevents.com

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